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"Good and Heavenly Counsel"


This book was written by my ancestor Grace Smith and published two years after her death in 1710,  She was 96 years old and had been educated at the school founded by Queen Elizabeth ! before migrating to Boston in 1735 with her family.  I carefully transcribed every illegible letter found in the original.   

"God is a Verb" Selah


"God is a Verb" is slated for publication on March 20.     

I found this to be an uplifting collection of essays and poems celebrating God and God’s infinite wisdom. In it, you share a mixture of personal insight with relevant scriptures. The result is a book that will guide readers into thinking more deeply into their relationships with God, the Creator of all.

Your book is filled with important Christian messages.  

Lovely.  However, it is primarily about concepts from the Age of Taurus long before there was a concept of One God. I consider this book fundamentally about God as a Verb before religions were created by humans.  So I do not think it is only Christian.  It is for all people.   Perhaps it is a starting point for interrelatedness for all in the forthcoming Age of Aquarius

"The Way of Return"


During the Age of Taurus God created a new paadigm wherein humans had to choose to leave the Garden of Eden in order to have free will choice.  Thus Adam and Eve choose  to leave and were given the Tree of Knowledge of all things.   Several centuries later Noah was in the Ark with other humans and pairs of animals.  He missed all the people who had jeered him as he lugged huge trees up the mountain to build the Ark.  Noah asked God never again to kill peoples.  God agreed and made the second covenant.   He gave Noah the sign of the Dove, the rainbow and the Jubilee Calendar.  It is still in use today as our standard calendar. 

Framework of our Constitution


Our Constitution has a framework, an organizing system. It was without a doubt put in place by George Washington and Benjamin Franklin.  

They were the most prominent members of the Constitutional Coonvention and had been upstanding Masons for years. 

Thee framework is clearly infolded in the Constitution.  One has to know the patterns in order to know the framework has great meaning.   

I hope to have this book published this year.  The campaigns have  and this constitutional knowledge should be part of the discussion.   

Mr and Mrs Ralph Smith a remarkable colonial family


So many mysteries solved!   They all fit.  

Huguenot on the Hudson Michael Parmentier


Michael's history has been botched by historians, so it is up to me to make the corrections known.

This link will take you to the facebook page by Fred Schaeffer, who saved the old railroad bridge by reinventing it as the Walkway over the Hudson.  

The Walkway is footed on the tract of land Michael Parmentier, which was the entire waterfront of the Sanders Hermance Patent.  His wife, Neeltje, was a Hermance.  

Michael's father was one of the major early Huguenots to leave France.  He was clearly one the the most important French protestants.  

The Tree of Light


Before there were thing God created

Light, Sounds. Patterns in a comprehensive organizing system. I call it the Tree of Light

God is a Verb - A Book of Memes


As I wrote "God is a Verb,"  I made memes for each aspect.   This will be published in a digital edition.  

Family Trees


The Birth Cards are a terrific tool for genealogy.   Do note that England and the colonies were not aligned to the Catholic calendar until 1760.  There is a 12 year difference and it is hard to know whether birth dates in America were adjusted accordingly. 

The Poems


The first three books begin with a poem as the Prologue.   Perhaps there will be more.  

Playing Cards


The data bank will be decks of playing cards.  These will have quotes for each card.  Thus the human evaluative component will be included in the Way of Return.  Each day of the year has a designated card or facet of the whole



Beginning in 2020 we will have calendars There will be a wall calendar with the cards for each day as well as the full moon and new moon. These were factored in the calendar. given to Noah. 

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